About Us

ChillMile.com – your go-to store for the “fashionly” inspired.  This is what we wish you would think and recall when you want to shop in Asia.  We solicited tens of factories, sellers and local shops and they are ready to present their products at a fair fair price.

ChillMile.com is wholly owned and operated by Prosper Home Limited.

Our Pricing Philosophy 

Why do we always pay hefty prices at a retail store?  It’s the several layers of companies that go between the buyers and the manufacturers that jacked up the costs.  

Situated in Hong Kong, ChillMile strives to be the single reseller that you ever have to deal with in the whole buying experience.  We purchase direct from factories; we source our merchandises with our experience; we bring the best value by skipping middlemen.

It’s just you and us. We don’t have middlemen, retailers or physical stores. This gives you the best combination of quality, design and service, at prices impossible otherwise.